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Raising Boys - Steve Biddulph

Raising Boys - Steve Biddulph

Raising Boys - Steve Biddulph

Raising Boys

by Steve Biddulph


Why boys are different - and how to help them become happy and well-balanced men.

New, Paperback, 215pp

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About the book

This book altered the whole approach to boys in government policy, schools, and of course at home - the first parenting book ever to be a number one bestseller in Australia, with more than a million copies sold it is still hugely popular even in countries like Brazil, Japan, South Africa, and Northern Ireland.

Covers both the social forces and the biological and hormonal forces that make a boy what he is, and how to use these to help boys be safe, caring, energetic, and in love with life.

Boys worldwide have three times the death rate of girls, and are disappearing from higher education, while girls do better and better. This book is incredibly timely, and much loved by parents.
The three stages of boyhood. What mothers can do. What fathers can do. What if you are a single mother ? Finding a boy-friendly school. Boys and sport. Boys and sex.

Ideal for mothers who are just not sure if they understand boys. For fathers who want to play an active role in raising their son.


About Steve Biddulph

Steve Biddulph is one of the world's best known psychologists. His books, including Secret of Happy Children, Manhood, and Raising Boys, are in four million homes and 31 languages. They have influenced the way we look at childhood and especially the development of boys and men.

Steve's live talks have had a phenomenal public response, reaching 130,000 people in 27 countries. Steve is normally a shy person, who suffered from Aspergers Syndrome as a teenager, but comes alive on stage as an entertainer and storyteller. The London Times called him "A cross beween Billy Connolly and Dr Spock". He combines humour, powerful stories, and practical help in a way that leaves parents inspired and reminded that love is their purpose in being alive.

Steve's talks are also available for community groups to screen on DVD, creating events for communities that celebrate parenthood and family.

He also has consulted worldwide to schools on Boys Education for over twenty years.

Steve is an active supporter of environmental politics, and also led a human rights project - the SIEVX Memorial Project that was part of a sea-change towards more compassionate government in Australia's 2007 election.

He was voted Australian Father of the Year in 2000 for his work encouraging the role of fathers. He lives in Tasmania with his wife Shaaron, a large extended family, and assorted wombats.



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