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Mem Fox Book Collection

Mem Fox Book Collection

Mem Fox Book Collection

Mem Fox Book Collection


Author : Mem Fox

Illustrator : Various

Format : 4 Paperback books

Condition : New

Titles in this collection :

  • Koala Lou
  • Hunwick's Egg
  • A Particular Cow
  • Where the Giant Sleeps


Total RRP for this book collection is $ 59.96. Get all 4 in this collection for a discount price of $ 29.95


About Koala Lou

There was once a baby koala, so soft and round that all who saw her loved her. Her name was Koala Lou.

Koala Lou is the first born in a large family. She feels sad because her mother seems too busy to pay her any attention. Perhaps if she wins the tree-climbing at the Bush Olympics her mother might notice her again . . . Koala Lou starts her training right away!

An Australian classic by the author and illustrator of Hunwick's Egg.

About Hunwick's Egg

When a mysterious egg appears outside hunwick's burrow, no one is quite certain what to think. And when it doesn't hatch right away, everyone is even more bewildered. Everyone except Hunwick, that is. Hunwick understands that the egg is his friend, and he is the only one who knows its secret.

About A Particular Cow

When a particular cow goes for her particular morning walk, usually nothing happens.  Until one particular Saturday . . .

About Where the Giant Sleeps

In a not-so-faraway land filled with fairies and pixies, goblins and ogres (and even some busy elves), everone sleeps while a child dreams...

Brief Introduction of Mem Fox

Mem Fox was born in Australia, grew up in Africa, studied drama in England, and returned to Adelaide, Australia in 1970, where she has lived with her husband, Malcolm, and daughter Chloë, happily ever after.

Mem Fox is Australia’s most highly regarded picture-book author. Her first book, Possum Magic, is the best selling children’s book ever in Australia, with sales of over three and a half million. And in the USA Time for Bed and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge have each sold over a million copies. Time for Bed is on Oprah’s list of the twenty best children’s books of all time. Mem has written over thirty picture books for children and five non-fiction books for adults, including the best-selling Reading Magic, aimed at parents of very young children. Her most recent book Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes beautifully illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, was on the New York Times bestseller lists for 16 weeks in 2008/2009.

Mem Fox was an Associate Professor in Literacy Studies at Flinders University in Adelaide (Australia), where she taught teachers for twenty four years until her early retirement in 1996. She has received many civic awards, honours and accolades in Australia, including two honorary doctorates. She has visited the United States over one hundred times, mostly in her role as a literacy expert although she is also a well-known author in America. She is an influential international consultant in literacy, but she pretends to sit around writing full time.

Her new book, about to be released in June 2009, is Hello Baby!. She hopes everyone, especially babies, will adore it.

More Books By Mem Fox

Hello Baby! (2009)
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (2008)
Where The Giant Sleeps (2009)
A Particular Cow (2006)
Hunwick’s Egg (2005)
Where is the Green Sheep? (2004)
The Magic Hat (2002)
Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild! (2000)
Sleepy Bears (1999)
Whoever You Are (1998)
Boo to a Goose (1996)
Wombat Divine (1995)
Tough Boris (1994)
Time for Bed (1993)
Memories (1992)
Sophie (1989)
Shoes from Grandpa (1989)
Feathers and Fools (1989)
Night Noises (1989)
With Love at Christmas (1988)
Koala Lou (1988)
Guess What? (1988)
Goodnight Sleep Tight (1988)
A Bedtime Story (1987)
The Straight Line Wonder (1987)
Sail Away: The Ballad of Skip and Nell (1986)
Just Like That (1986)
Hattie and the Fox (1986)
Arabella, the Smallest Girl in the World (1986)
Zoo Looking (1986)
A Cat called Kite (1985)
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (1984)
Possum Magic (1983)


Mem Fox Book Collection



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