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I'm A Big Brother - Joanna Cole

I'm A Big Brother - Joanna Cole

I'm A Big Brother - Joanna Cole

I'm A Big Brother


Author / Illustrator : Joanna Cole

Format : Hardcover

Condition : New

Dimensions : 17cm x 19cm x 0.5cm


"Someone new is at our house," begins this loving, reassuring look at brotherhood, told through the eyes of a new older brother. The simple text lays out all the good things about being an older sibling, and reminds new brothers that they are just as special as ever.


About Joanna Cole

Joanna Cole (born August 11, 1944 in Newark, New Jersey), is a United States author of children’s books. She is most famous as the author of The Magic School Bus series of children's books. Joanna Cole has written over 250 books ranging from her first book Cockroaches to her famous series Magic School Bus.

Cole was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in nearby East Orange. She loved science as a child, and had a teacher she says was a little like Ms. Frizzle. She attended the University of Massachusetts and Indiana before graduating from the City College of New York with a B.A. in psychology. After some graduate education courses, she spent a year as a librarian in a Brooklyn elementary school. Cole subsequently became a letters correspondent at Newsweek, then associate editor for the SeeSaw book club at Scholastic, and then a senior editor for Doubleday Books for Young Readers. She went freelance in 1980, writing children's books and articles for Parents magazine. The first Magic School Bus book was written in 1985 and published the following year.

The Magic School Bus has enjoyed continued success and has sold millions of copies in multiple languages. The most recent installment in the series is The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge (2010). Joanna Cole has continued to write books on many subjects for a range of ages. She currently lives with her husband Philip in Norfolk.


I'm A Big Brother

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