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Essential Little Golden Book Listing Information

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Essential Little Golden Book Listing Information


Little Golden Book Condition Value Percentages

Mint, 100%

No marks of any kind on book. Should look like it just came off the store shelf. As new

Very Fine, 80-90%

This is a book that would be mint condition except for very few scuff marks.

Fine, 75%

Clean, tight book. May have some light erasable pencil marks. Name may be written on inside cover space provided. A little of the cover luster may be gone. Overall condition of the book should indicate that the book was read by was well cared for.

Very Good, 60-70%

Above average condition. Well taken care of book with no major flaws.

Good, 50%

Average. May have some light soiling or chipping on front cover. No tears or scrapes on the cover. The inside pages may have small creases of folded corners, could have small tears no more than a centimetre long. No tape. Some of the spine cover may be missing or chipping. The book is well read but still in complete condition.

Fair, 25%

The spine is getting loose. The cover is soiled. There is no crayon scribbling or ink to distract from any part of the book. There may be some tape on pages. The book is well-read and not taken care of.

Poor, 0-10%

Damaged. Crayon, ink on pages, missing or chewed pages, missing activities. The book probably looks like it just came out of the trash.


What does 'Sydney Edition' mean?

This Little Golden book was published in Australia - Sydney Golden Book Press. These book can be identified by their different coloured spines and text on the title page. These books are generally worth more than a standard edition.


More information on Little Golden Book Authors and Illustrators

Alice and Martin Provensen - Little Golden Books Author and Illustrator

Alice Provensen (1918 August 14 - present) and Martin Provensen (1916 July 10 - 1987 March) were an American author-illustrator team who created children's books. There was a remarkable similarity to the couple's early histories. Both were born in Chicago, Illinois, and both moved to California when they were twelve. Both received scholarships to the Art Institute of Chicago, and both attended the University of California, though at separate campuses. After college, Alice went to work with Walter Lantz Studio, the creators of Woody Woodpecker, and Martin took work with the rival Walt Disney Studio, where he collaborated on Dumbo, Fantasia, and Pinocchio.

Bob Staake - Little Golden Books Author and Illustrator

Bob Staake (born September 26, 1957 in Los Angeles, California) is an American illustrator, cartoonist, children's book author, and designer. He lives and works in Chatham, Massachusetts on the elbow of Cape Cod. Staake attended the University of Southern California (1977) on a Journalism/International relations scholarship. Interned at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial's Students Press Law Center.

Corinne Malvern - Little Golden Books Illustrator

Corinne Malvern (1905 - November 9, 1956) illustrated 32 books, 17 of which were published as Golden Books. Valiant Minstrel: The Story of Sir Harry Lauder, 1943, by Messner Publishing, won her the Elisworth Ford Prize.

Eloise and Esther Wilkin - Little Golden Books Author and Illustrator

(1904-1987) Eloise Wilkin's career covered more than fifty years, involving illustration and writing, free-lance drawing, and doll design. After graduating from The Rochester Institute of Technology, Eloise Burns and her friend Joan Esley moved to New York City where they hoped to have a better chance at careers in illustration. In 1935, Eloise married Sydney Wilkin and soon began a family of four children. She illustrated over 20 books with her sister Esther, who also married a Wilkin. In 1943, she was offered a contract with Simon & Schuster and worked almost exclusively for Little Golden Books until 1961.

Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky - Little Golden Books Illustrator

Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky(December 24, 1891 – October 12, 1970). Born in Mitava, Russia, Rojankovsky was educated at the Moscow Fine Arts Academy and served in the Russian Army during WWI. Soon afterward, he moved to France and studied under Esther Averill. In 1941, he moved to the US and began a career of illustrating more than a hundred books, most having to do with animals and/or nature. Rojankovsky also wrote books, an example being The Great Big Animal Book, published in 1952. He was awarded the 1956 Caldecott Medal for his illustrations in the book Frog Went A-Courtin'.

Garth Williams - Little Golden Books Illustrator

Garth Williams (April 16, 1912 - May 8, 1996) was a prominent American illustrator known for his work on children's books. He was 84 years old when he died. Garth Williams grew up on farms in New Jersey and Canada. When Garth was 10, he and his family moved to the United Kingdom, where he studied architecture. His knowledge got him a job as an architect's assistant, and a scholarship to the Royal College of Art. He also served on an ambulance during World War II. When he went back to the United States, he drew illustrations for The New Yorker for a short period of time. He was married to Leticia and together they had five daughters and a son: Fiona, Bettina, Jessica, Estyn, Dilys and his son Dylan.

Gustaf Tenggren - Little Golden Books Illustrator

Gustaf Adolf Tenggren (November 3, 1896 - April 9, 1970) was a Swedish-American illustrator. He is known for his Arthur Rackham-influenced fairy-tale style and use of silhouetted figures with caricatured faces. Tenggren was a chief illustrator for The Walt Disney Company in the late 1930s, in what has been called the Golden Age of American animation, when animated feature films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Bambi and Pinocchio were produced.

Herbert Zim - Little Golden Books Author

Herbert Spencer Zim (July 12, 1909–December 5, 1994) was a naturalist, author, editor and educator best known as the founder (1945) and editor in chief of the Golden Guides series of nature books. Zim was born 1909 in New York City, but spent his childhood years in southern California. At the age of fourteen he returned to the east, and took his degrees (B.S., M.S., Ph. D.) at Columbia University. Zim wrote or edited more than one hundred scientific books, and in a thirty-year career teaching in the public schools, introduced laboratory instruction into elementary school science. He is best known as the founder, in 1945 (and for twenty-five years, editor in chief) of the Golden Guides, pocket-size introductions for children to such subjects as fossils, zoology, microscopy, rocks and minerals, codes and secret writings, trees, wildflowers, dinosaurs, navigation and more. He was the sole or co-author for many of the books, which were valued for their clarity, accuracy and attractive presentation—helped by the illustrations of his friend, Raymond Perlman.

Jane Werner Watson - Little Golden Books Illustrator

Jane Werner Watson wrote and edited many children's books from 1944-1978 and has published under at least three different variations of her name: Elsa Jane Werner, Jane Werner, and Jane Werner Watson. Many of these were for Golden Books, including at least 35 Little Golden Books, and many more were for Walt Disney Productions. Some are religious in theme, some silly or comic, and some truly magical.

Jim McDermott - Little Golden Books Illustrator

Jim McDermott (June 24, 1960, Lowell, Massachusetts) is a New Hampshire-based artist who has illustrated for animation, magazines and comic books. After graduating in 1982 from Boston's New England School of Art and Design (now part of Suffolk University), McDermott headed West where he held a position as the staff illustrator for a publishing firm before entering the animation industry. For Columbia Pictures Television/DiC Entertainment's animated The Real Ghostbusters (1986-91), McDermott created concept drawings and designed characters, props and backgrounds. Leaving California after a decade, he did freelance work in Texas before returning to New England in 1993.

Margaret Wise Brown - Little Golden Books Author

Margaret Wise Brown (23 May 1910 – 13 November 1952) was a prolific American author of children's literature, including the books Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, both illustrated by Clement Hurd.

Mary Blair - Little Golden Books Illustrator

Mary Blair (October 21, 1911 – July 26, 1978), born Mary Robinson, was an American artist best remembered today for work done for The Walt Disney Company. Blair produced striking concept art for such films as Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Song of the South and Cinderella. Her style also lives on through the character designs for the Disney attraction It's a Small World, as well as an enormous mosaic inside Disney's Contemporary Resort. Several of her illustrated children's books from the 1950s have never been out of print, such as I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss. Blair was honored as a Disney Legend in 1991, one of the first women to be given the honor.

Patricia and Richard Scarry - Little Golden Books Author and Illustrator

Richard McClure Scarry (June 5, 1919 – April 30, 1994) was born in Boston, Massachusetts, where his parents ran a shop. The Scarry family enjoyed a comfortable life even during the time of the Great Depression. Following high school graduation, Scarry enrolled in a business college but soon dropped out, finding it not to his liking. He then studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where he remained until being drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II. Following the war, Scarry worked for the art departments of various magazines before making a career breakthrough in 1949 with Little Golden Books. Scarry's wife, Patricia Murphy, was a writer of children's textbooks who met Richard during collaboration when he was a textbook illustrator. She is credited with writing many of the stories in his subsequent children's books, such as Good Night, Little Bear, The Bunny Book, and The Fishing Cat.

Seymour Reit - Little Golden Books Author

Seymour Victory Reit (11 November 1918 – 21 November 2001) was the author of over 80 children's books as well as several works for adults. Reit was the creator, with cartoonist Joe Oriolo, of the character Casper the Friendly Ghost. Reit started his career working for Fleischer Studios as an animator; he also worked for Jerry Iger and Will Eisner as a cartoonist, and for Mad Magazine and several other publications as a humorist.

Tibor Gergely - Little Golden Books Illustrator

Tibor Gergely (1900-1978) was an artist best known for his work in several popular children's books. Born in Budapest in 1900, he studied art briefly in Vienna before emigrating to the United States in 1939, where he settled in New York City. Largely a self-taught artist, he also contributed several covers of The New Yorker, mostly during the 1940s. Among the most popular children's books Gergely illustrated are The Happy Man and His Dump Truck, Busy Day Busy People, The Little Red Caboose, The Fire Engine Book, Tootle, and Scuffy the Tugboat. Many of his better known books were published by Little Golden Books. His best work is collected in "The Great Big Book of Bedtime Stories." Gergely died in 1978, in New York.


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