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Pamela Lofts - Children's Book Author and Illustrator

Pamela Lofts - Children's Book Author and Illustrator


Pamela Lofts is a visual artist living in Alice Springs in central Australia where she moved after attaining her Bachelor of Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, in 1989. She established Watch this Space Artist-run Initiative in 1994 and the following year won the prestigious 26th Alice Prize. Pam has exhibited and participated in residencies nationally and overseas. She is represented in state and regional gallery collections including the National Gallery of Australia and has just completed a Master of Philosophy, at the School of Art, Australian National University, Canberra. Her sculpture, photographic and recent video works are concerned with perceptions, stories and lived experience of Australian deserts. She has been awarded a number of Australia Council grants, the latest to co-facilitate an artist camp at a goldmine in the Tanami Desert.


Pamela Lofts Books

Dunbi the Owl
How the Animals Got Their Tails
How The Birds Got Their Colours
Hunwick’s Egg
Koala Lou
The Bat and the Crocodile
The Echidna and the Shade Tree
The Kangaroo and the Porpoise
Warnayarra – The Rainbow Snake
When the Snake Bites the Sun
Wombat Stew

Sail Away The ballad of Skip and Nell Author : Mem Fox Illustrator : Pamela Lofts Format : Paperback Condition : New Dimensions : 21cm x 26cm x 0.5cm About Sail Away The ballad of Skip and Nell The dingo pair set out to sea - Their hearts were beating fast Their boat was but a redgum log With neither sail nor mast. Follow these intrepid adventures as they travel round Australia on their way to that boatrace way out west. Brief Introduction of Mem Fox Mem Fox was born in Australia grew up in Africa studied drama in England and returned to Adelaide Australia in 1970 where she has lived with her husband Malcolm and daughter Chloë happily ever after. Mem Fox is Australia’s most highly regarded picture-book author. Her first book Possum Magic is the best selling children’s book ever in Australia with sales of over three and a half million. And in the USA Time for Bed and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge have each sold lots more

Koala Lou Author : Mem Fox Illustrator : Pamela Lofts Format : Paperback Condition : New About the Book There was once a baby koala so soft and round that all who saw her loved her. Her name was Koala Lou Koala Lou is the first born in a large family. she feels sad because her mother seems too busy to pay her any attention. Perhaps if she wins the tree-climbing at the Bush Olympics her mother might notice her again...Koala Lou starts training right away! More Books By Mem Fox Hello Baby! (2009) Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (2008) Where The Giant Sleeps (2009) A Particular Cow (2006) Hunwick’s Egg (2005) Where is the Green Sheep? (2004) The Magic Hat (2002) Harriet You’ll Drive Me Wild! (2000) Sleepy Bears (1999) Whoever You Are (1998) Boo to a Goose (1996) Wombat Divine (1995) Tough Boris (1994) Time for Bed (1993) Memories (1992) Sophie (1989) Shoes from Grandpa (1989) Feathers and Fools (1989) Night Noises (1989) With Love at Christmas (1988) Koala Lou (1988) Guess What? (1988) Goodnight Sleep Tight (1988) A Bedtime Story (1987) The Straight Line Wonder (1987) Sail Away: The Ballad of Skip and Nell (1986) Just Like That more information.....

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books for children
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Wombat Stew Book and Toy Set Author : Marcia Vaughan Illustrator : Pamela Lofts Format : Hardcover with Toy in box Condition : New Dimensions : book 14cm x 18cm x 0.5cm About Wombat Stew One day on the banks of a billiabong a very clever dingo caught a wombat and decided to make a gooey brewy yummy chewy wombat stew! However when wombat's friends decide to help things go very wrong for dingo. About Pamela Lofts Pamela Lofts lives in Alice Springs were she has developed a series of books with Aboriginal storytellers and children based on their traditional stories. She has also illustrated a number of picture books including the classic Koala Lou written by Mem Fox and Wombat Stew. Wombat Stew Book and Toy Set click here



Pamela Lofts - Children's Book Author and Illustrator

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